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    Progress in the Application of Big Data in Agriculture in China

  •  Zhou Guomin,Department of Research Management of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

    Abstract:Big data have become a new resource in modern agriculture and an important focus for technological innovation in agricultural science. Big data not only promote the production, operation, management and service provisions of modern agriculture, but also advance the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. In developed regions such as Europe and the United States, special attention has been paid to the role of big data in modern agriculture; in China, research and application of big data in agriculture have also developed rapidly. Agricultural data generally have large spatial and temporal coverages, and are difficult to collect and complicated to process. Therefore, it is of great significance for the research and application of agricultural big data in China to systematically review the progress regarding the application of such data and further clarify the direction of future development. In this study, a literature review is combined with related scientific research; definitions of big data in agriculture proposed by different researchers are compared and analyzed; concepts and matters relating to big data in agriculture are explained; and progress in the application of big data in agriculture in management and policy, engineering and application, and technology and infrastructure in recent years is systematically summarized. Finally, based on the current situation regarding the development of big data in agriculture in China, this review suggests three aspects where special attention should be paid to promote its development: the issues of platform and data, demand and application, and trade and sharing.

  • Pubdate: 2021-01-15    Viewed: 159