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Volume 3 Issue 4, 26 December 2021
Research on Intellectual Property Protection of Scientific Data Sharing
Yahui Fan, Liang Zhu, Hua Zhao, Jianhua Zheng

Scientific data is the most basic and active technological resources in the information era. Scientific data sharing is an inevitable trend of development. The implementation of scientific data sharing can save social resources, avoid duplication ...

2021, 3(4):  3-9.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210401
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Design and Implementation of a Big Data Platform for Cloud Server Farm Smart Services
Nuojuan Ling, Yuan Rao

With the wide use of modern information technology in the field of agriculture, a massive amount of agricultural data can now be collected and analyzed to promote the development of agricultural modernization. This paper considers the existing res...

2021, 3(4):  10-19.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210402
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Estimating the Leaf Area Index of Maize based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Multispectral Remote Sensing
Jia He, Laigang Wang, Yan Guo, Yan Zhang, Xiuzhong Yang, Ting Liu, Hongli Zhang

Remote sensing technology can be used to estimate the leaf area index (LAI) value of crops rapidly and harmlessly. The purpose of this study is to research the accuracy, reliability, and adaptability of the LAI using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ...

2021, 3(4):  20-28.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210403
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Construction and Application of a Comprehensive Service Platform for Intelligent Field Crop Production
Qing Zhao, Guoqiang Li, Feng Hu, Laigang Wang, Hecang Zang, Jie Zhang, Meng Wang, Hui Zhang, Guoqing Zheng

With the support of national policy, agriculture has been integrated with rapidly developing information technology. New technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data have been widely used in t...

2021, 3(4):  29-39.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210404
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Design and Implementation of a Trusted Tea Quality Control System Based on Edge Intelligence
Yali Shu, Yuan Rao, Lei Xu

The process of tea production and processing is characterized by multiple types of hazardous substances, low information utilization, and multi-source data heterogeneity. However, the traditional tea quality supervision and traceability system has...

2021, 3(4):  40-50.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210405
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Research and Development of an Intelligent Management Platform for Native Chinese Pig Breeds in Anhui Province
Bolun Guan, Guimin Liu, Wei Dong, Liping Zhang, Rong Qian

With the continuous popularization of information technology, animal husbandry informatization has rapidly developed. As a major pig breeding province, Anhui occupies a vital position in the animal husbandry industry in China. There are various br...

2021, 3(4):  51-58.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210406
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Construction and Implementation of Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Commissioner Service Cloud Platform Based on Big Data
Zhipeng Li, Jian Zhao, Miaomiao Wang, Hong Chen, Xiaodang Gao

The science and technology commissioner is an important starting point for agricultural technology innovation and agricultural technology services. The application of modern information technology to satisfy the produc...

2021, 3(4):  59-69.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210407
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Tomato Dataset for Agricultural Scene Visual-Parsing Tasks
Lingli Zhou, Ni Ren, Wenxiang Zhang, Yawen Cheng, Cheng Chen, Zhongyi Yi

Agricultural robots are an important part of the development of agricultural modernization, and computer vision technology effectively promotes their application in the field of agriculture by perceiving and analyzing crops and the environment. Ho...

2021, 3(4):  70-76.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210408
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