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Volume 3 Issue 2, 26 June 2021
The Application, Problems and Development of China's Agricultural Smart Sensors
Rui Yan, Zhen Wang, Yanhao Li, Zhemin Li, Xian Li

Agricultural smart sensors are among the key technologies of intelligent agriculture. This paper describes the concept, characteristics, and implementation methods of smart sensors and introduces the composition, development, and application of ag...

2021, 3(2):  3-15.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210201
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Software Research and Development of a Multi-parameter Detection System for Plant Ion Absorption Based on LabVIEW
Xiaoding Feng, Xiaodong Wang, Bin Luo, Cheng Wang

Inorganic ions are an important part of the growth environment of crop plants with the function of regulating physiological activities. Obtaining the absorption information of plant and environmental nutrient ions during the growth process can rev...

2021, 3(2):  16-23.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210202
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Research on the Construction of the Agricultural Big Data Information Platform
Qiang Li, Maofang Gao, Ying Fang

[Concepts]The agricultural big data information platform is a comprehensive system that collects data from agricultural production experiences to realize the informatization, digitization and intelligence of an agricultural industry using modern t...

2021, 3(2):  24-30.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210203
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Methods for Agricultural Resource Data Collection and Integration: A Study of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corporations
Hui Wang, Haijiang Wang, Pan Gao, Ze Zhang, Tongyu Hou, Lü Xin

Agricultural resource data include quantities, text, symbols, charts, graphs or other analog inputs that describe agricultural resources. Agricultural resource data yield agricultural resource information. The Xinjiang Production and Construction ...

2021, 3(2):  31-41.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210204
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Application and Prospects for Big Data of Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources in Inner Mongolia
Mingxu Zhang, Ru Zhang, Tuya Xilin, Yuan Chen, Yaqiong Bi, Chunhong Zhang, Taotao Wu, Minhui Li

“Big data” refers to a huge information collection that has four characteristics: large data volume; complex type; low value density; and high effectiveness. Big data technology is a non-structured data processing technology that can efficiently h...

2021, 3(2):  42-53.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210205
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Functional Design and Development of the Big Data Center of the Whole Tea Industry Chain
Fuqiao Chen, Chen Ling

The National Whole Tea Industry Chain Big Data Project is one of the single-product big data platforms approved by China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The goal of its construction is to provide professional and authoritative data se...

2021, 3(2):  54-66.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210206
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Big Data Construction of Oil Crops (Rapeseed, Peanut) Whole Industrial Chain
Rui Jiang, Fenghong Huang, Yu Wu, Mengjia Huo, Huawei Liu

A data platform serving an agricultural industry value chain can accelerate the transformation of agricultural techniques, promote agricultural upgrades, improve the quality and efficiency and sustainable development, and accelerate the process of...

2021, 3(2):  67-74.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210207
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Dynamic Dataset of Plant Community Characteristics of Leymus chinensis Meadow Steppe in HulunBuirChina (20092015)
Ruirui Yan, Baorui Chen, Baohui Zhang, Guixia Yang, Xiaoping Xin

The zonal distribution of vegetation in Hulunbuir steppe is meadow steppe and typical steppe from east to west. And there are five different grassland types in Hulunbuir in order: Chrysanthemum tenuifolia, Stipa bayal, Leymus chinensis, Stipa gran...

2021, 3(2):  75-78.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210208
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