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Volume 2 Issue 3, 26 September 2020
A Review of Agricultural Supply Chain Management and Its Prospects for the Future
Ganqiong Li, Xin Li, Longhua Zhao, Shiwei Xu

Agricultural supply chain is an indispensable part in the construction of modern agricultural market system in China. The establishment of a modern agricultural supply chain system is of great significance to promote the integrated development of ...

2020, 2(3):  3-12.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200301
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How the Blockchain Technology Facilitate Data to Realize Value: the Case of Food Supply Chain
Xuejing Zheng, Hang Xiong

In the era of the digital economy, data, like labor, capital and technology, plays a fundamental role in economic activities, becoming a factor of production in the supply of goods and services. Currently, how the data factor realizes its value in...

2020, 2(3):  13-20.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200302
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Research on "Pull Supply Chain" Mode of Digital Agricultural Products
Tao Hong, Rui Li, Yong Hong

This paper puts forward the concept of "new agricultural products" and "pull supply chain", discusses four main modes of agricultural products supply chain, and puts forward that agricultural products supply chain enters the era of digital supply ...

2020, 2(3):  21-30.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200303
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Analysis on Transmission Mechanism of Short-Term Fluctuation of Vegetable Prices: An Example Study of Pak Choi in Shanghai
Juan Yang, Tingting Qian, Xiuguo Zheng, Jingyin Zhao, Yeying Xu

In order to figure out the transmission mechanism of short-term fluctuation of vegetable prices, scientifically formulate measures to slow down frequent fluctuation of short-term price of vegetables, and reduce market ...

2020, 2(3):  31-41.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200304
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The Development Direction of Fresh Agricultural Products Supply Chain in China after COVID-19
Dongnan Li, Guoyang Pan, Qian Zhou, Bin Li

Fresh agricultural products mainly include vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, and aquatic products. The degree of freshness of perishable primary products determines their own value. In 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak has had a huge impact on peopl...

2020, 2(3):  42-51.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200305
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Research on Food Source Traceability Technology Based on Blockchain
Min Zuo, Siyu He, Qingchuan Zhang, Shuangshun Yao

Blockchain is naturally suited to food traceability systems because of its credibility and non-tamperability, and its application in the field of food traceability is increasing. However, when blockchains are applied in existing food traceability ...

2020, 2(3):  52-60.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200306
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An Agricultural Product Quality Safety Traceability System Based on Blockchain and the Internet of Things
Yuejing Chen, Ailian Zhou, Nengfu Xie, Xiaohe Liang, Huijuan Wang, Xiaoyu Li, Yuxin Shi

A traceability system is an important means of ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products and of solving the trust crisis between consumers and the market. Research on the agricultural product quality and...

2020, 2(3):  61-67.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200307
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Research on Agricultural Product Price Prediction Based on the EMD-ELM Mode
Hebing Liu, Jingjing Han, Xinming Ma, Lei Xi

The price fluctuation of agricultural products is related to both the national economy and personal livelihoods. The price fluctuation frequency for the agricultural products market is fast, and the fluctuation range i...

2020, 2(3):  68-74.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200308
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Analysis of the Price Fluctuation Characteristics of Chinas Wheat Market Using Big Data: A Case Study of Shandong Province
Xiaoyan Zhang, Li Meng, Lili Wang, Feng Liu, Jiajia Liu, Decheng Lu

Wheat is one of the three major grain crops in China. To ensure the safety of our country's rations, the state monitors the area and yield of wheat, as well as the price. The stability of the price of grain is related to the development of the nat...

2020, 2(3):  75-83.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200309
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Introduction of Open Access Online American Agricultural Data
Guowei Yin, Fengying Nie, Shaoming Du

The use of information technology has many potential benefits for the agriculture sector. It can accelerate the digital transformation and improve the development of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers; further the value of data as a new type of...

2020, 2(3):  84-94.  Doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.200310
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