Journal of Agricultural Big Data ›› 2021, Vol. 3 ›› Issue (1): 66-72.doi: 10.19788/j.issn.2096-6369.210107

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Research on the Construction and Application of a Big Data Platform for the Whole Vegetable Industry Chain: The Case of Chinese Cabbage

Chunyan Dong1(), Minglei Niu2, Yan Yao2, Xiaoyan Chang3, Lü Lingfeng3(), Nan Li3   

  1. 1.Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Information Center, Beijing 100025, China
    2.Construction Service Center of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, Beijing 100081, China
    3.Beijing Aerospace Willfor Information Technology Co. , Ltd, Beijing 100081, China
  • Received:2021-02-22 Online:2021-03-26 Published:2021-05-18
  • Contact: Lü Lingfeng;


In China, vegetables are widely cultivated for both subsistence and commercial purposes, and their production has become an important component of the agricultural sector and the rural economy. This article focuses on the Chinese cabbage industry to explore the value of big data platforms in promoting agricultural production efficiencies and effectiveness. The annual sown area of Chinese cabbage is about 40 million mu, accounting for about 15% of the total sown area of vegetables in the country and making it the country’s largest vegetable crop. The huge output of Chinese cabbage is produced from a concentrated area, with a high degree of scale, and relatively easy data acquisition and distribution. This research field offers opportunities to analyze the effects of market information asymmetry, limited large-scale planting, and high circulation costs on the development of agricultural industries. To reduce problems associated with industrial fragmentation, the structure of a big data platform for a vegetable crop will include data from across the industry value chain. Upstream and downstream data collection will make comprehensive use of big data, Internet of Things, satellite remote sensing, artificial intelligence and other information technologies. The data platform will support a wide array of functions and services such as monitoring and early warning, analysis and decision-making, big data mining and analysis, public services and mobile applications to address different industry needs, including production, processing, consumption, circulation, supervision and trade. The monitoring and early warning function provides early warning services for key indicators such as area, output, price, and consumption; the analytical decision function provides decision-making services such as quality evaluation and theme analysis; and the public service function provides data value-added query statistics, monitoring reports, and early warning information. Services include mobile applications providing basic services such as data reporting, information query, and expert knowledge. The construction of the platform will create a coordinated development environment of data, technology, applications, and services for the entire vegetable industry chain. This resource will improve the vegetable industry’s abilities to control its data, support technical applications, discover new industry value, and make macro policy decisions, thus promoting healthy industry growth through science.

Key words: whole industry chain, big data, data resources, the general architecture, agricultural big data

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